Saturday, 25 April 2015


One morning you wake up and the image on the mirror looks distorted , you argue it’s the mirror, that you can’t be that BIG, of course you dare not call yourself fat or hear someone call you that, so you rationalize it by saying things like

But my cloths still fit?
I don’t feel heavy?
No one has told me I am fat?

Click is the sound your Phone camera makes as you take the picture, Lovely Pics you think, Straight to Display pics and after few comments, someone finally says it

Dearie you should watch your weight, at that moment the illusion becomes a reality
Am I Fat? Is what you ask yourself.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a supporter of looking skinny, like someone who just escaped a Nazi refugee camp, but I am an advocate of Good living, from experience you don’t need to do much to add weight, all you need to do is to stop thinking your weight is a priority.

How can that be true? are you telling me that by just thinking about other important things in my life and neglecting to think about my weight , I start to add weight, that’s exactly what I mean, when you stop being conscious of weight it simply means you stop being conscious of what you eat, your sleep habits and exercise. And your weight is not a less important part of your life.

Statistic shows that 80% of health issues are weight related, I know that’s an American statistics but we are not very far from them you know, most of us have sufficiently tilted the balance of our food intake by 80% in favour of foreign foods, meaning 80% of your daily food intake is not local food. Baked beans for normal beans, peanut butter and cheese in place of bean cake (akara), cornflakes for Akamu.

Now before you share this article with that your friend who you think is overweight you should take a good look at yourself. This time don’t justify the image on the mirror with your reasoning, just take a good look at yourself, can you see the extra fat on your arms, thighs and waist, can you see the love handles growing beside your tummy. My dear I was shocked when I went with a friend to check my weight and when the scale read 75kg I was relieved and said you see I am not overweight how much more obese and my annoying friend quickly asked what is your height? I asked what has this got to do with it, he answered everything. I said am 5ft 6 inches he pulls out his phone does some calculations and said I’m over weight, I was angry felt like squeezing the breath out of his body but then I asked, how can I be overweight? And then he explained. That conversation that day has put me on this path for a better weight and therefore better health

What better gift can you give your husband/wife, than a healthy agile person who would live as long as God allows?
What better gift can you give your Kids, than a mother/father who would live to see them grow up while maintain a good health?

When you ignore your weight you are being irresponsible and in return telling the people who care for you that they mean very little to you, over the next few weeks I will take you on a journey as I try to shift from being overweight to being normal weight, what I learn and do I will share with you, so you too can apply or share with friends. Sit back and relax.

feel free to comment, as we battle issues concerning overweight and obesity.


  1. informative yet simple to grasp, nice piece

  2. @Omaa we are in this together oo @ifeoma thanks alot dear. @Anoni thanks i appreciate

  3. Biko don't leave me behind... I am trapped in this tooo... as Chioma has commanded I also say "Preach"

  4. @PeeKK don't worry you wont be left behind dear.