Friday, 4 December 2015


For days now there has been protest by Pro-Biafra groups, the Movement for the Actualization of the Soverign State of Biafra (MASSOB) and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Onitsha. This protest has reportedly led to the death of 9 civilians,  2 Police amd many injured. Properties have also been burnt (Dangote can testify)

I have really thought hard to understand these groups and what they truly hope to achieve. There is a proverb in my place that says "I ku Nwanyi e be gi a Igbu ewu" meaning " To marry a woman does not end in doing her sendforth"

It is not enough loosing voices, youths, properties and causing serious traffic chanting and clamouring for Biafra. 
Biafra when Anambra will not marry Abia, 
Biafra when the leaders of the states cannot provide security
Biafra where civil servants have not been paid for over 7months
Biafra when Abia will not marry Imo
Biafra when Nsukka people are seen as third class igbo people "e speaki kwele"
Biafra when Abakaliki people are only seen as rice marketers.
Biafra yet you discriminate amongst catholic and Anglicans. 
Biafra and yet some are seen as outcast "osu"
Biafra when Aba products are seen as the most sub standard products on earth 
Finally to all the youths clamouring for Biafra ask yourselves 
1. What you have done for Nigeria 
2. What has your Governor done for you (Biafran States)
3. What have your leaders done for the families of those who have lost their lives for this cause. 
4. What resources do you have to sustain yourselves considering the fact that a lot of our natural resources are under exploited.

Clamouring for Biafra is like saying those states  should control their "under exploited" resources.  No good roads, electricity,  work, security and you want to be independent  (hmmmm 😷)
A friend of mine once suggested that any state that cannot stand should merge 😁😭 "Abia, Imo and Anambra will merge and form ABIMBRA State" when we literally fight for everything Land, Boundary, Properties in fact we don't even love ourselves let alone our neighbours  cos if we did we will understand that we will achieve more as a country if we are united.

Just as we all pray to God heal to our land lets also not allow ourselves be used as pawns by these so called people... Dear Youths dont let anyone deceive you that you are the leaders of tomorrow and you need to violently take it by force.
As individuals we need to change our mentality towards alot of things before we can see the change been clamoured for. 
Change in the sense that citizens of Kogi , Bayelsa will come out n vote peacefully today 🙏🙏.


Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Laugh Out Loud


Just a quick question, should this be classified as lie or just a child obediently carrying out instructions ?