Friday, 27 November 2015

APC KOGI #CommonSense

Ever since the demise of Late Prince Audu who was formerly the Governorship candidate for the All Progressive Congress, there has been a lot of controversy as to how the next Candidate will emerge since there is a Lacuna as regards what happens when a Governosrship candidate dies during election and especially when the election has been declared inconclusive.

First of all is there a Lacuna? YES

Section 181 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended )  made provision as regards the due process to take when a candidate dies after a valid election had been conducted and winner declared. In this scenario the Deputy Governor becomes the Governor while he appoints a new Deputy.

Section 36 of the Electoral Act 2010 make provision on the due steps to take when a candidate dies after nomination but before commencement of the poll.

I am almost sure that the Constitution of APC as no provision as regards the procedure to nominate a new candidate when the former candidate dies during election.

Yesterday I read two different articles
1. That the Leaders of All Progressive Congress in Kogi East Senatorial District have nominated the first son of Late Prince Abubakar to replace him as the party's Governosrship candidate.

2. The running mate to the late prince James Faleke asking INEC to declare him the governor elect  of the state.

I am neither the AGF to advise INEC nor a SAN to advise the party so I am going to air my view as a common man and borrow Ben Murray's #CommonSense slogan.

1. INEC recognises part and not candidate hence the party is allowed to fill the vacancy created by the demise of the candidate.

2. We are in a democratic world therefore a common man will expect that the party conducts primaries where a new candidate will emerge (long process if you ask me).

3. Sine this is a joint ticket the common man will expect the Deputy Governor steps in as the new Governorship candi date and a new Deputy nominated by the party (after all I am sure people voted to the party because of the deputy) #CommonSense

Finally I will advise that the party should not flaunt any son of the late candidate just like that firstly because of the alleged rape allegations by one lady with the Twitter handle @Sugabelly. Rape is a serious offence and personally I think it should be investigated. 😡

Secondly even if the want to flaunt any member of family then due process should be followed, conduct another primaries and let the man with the highest vote step in.

Finally  "TO PEACE TO REIGN" 😂 I will advise the party to use their #CommonSense