Saturday, 25 April 2015


One morning you wake up and the image on the mirror looks distorted , you argue it’s the mirror, that you can’t be that BIG, of course you dare not call yourself fat or hear someone call you that, so you rationalize it by saying things like

But my cloths still fit?
I don’t feel heavy?
No one has told me I am fat?

Click is the sound your Phone camera makes as you take the picture, Lovely Pics you think, Straight to Display pics and after few comments, someone finally says it

Dearie you should watch your weight, at that moment the illusion becomes a reality
Am I Fat? Is what you ask yourself.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a supporter of looking skinny, like someone who just escaped a Nazi refugee camp, but I am an advocate of Good living, from experience you don’t need to do much to add weight, all you need to do is to stop thinking your weight is a priority.

How can that be true? are you telling me that by just thinking about other important things in my life and neglecting to think about my weight , I start to add weight, that’s exactly what I mean, when you stop being conscious of weight it simply means you stop being conscious of what you eat, your sleep habits and exercise. And your weight is not a less important part of your life.

Statistic shows that 80% of health issues are weight related, I know that’s an American statistics but we are not very far from them you know, most of us have sufficiently tilted the balance of our food intake by 80% in favour of foreign foods, meaning 80% of your daily food intake is not local food. Baked beans for normal beans, peanut butter and cheese in place of bean cake (akara), cornflakes for Akamu.

Now before you share this article with that your friend who you think is overweight you should take a good look at yourself. This time don’t justify the image on the mirror with your reasoning, just take a good look at yourself, can you see the extra fat on your arms, thighs and waist, can you see the love handles growing beside your tummy. My dear I was shocked when I went with a friend to check my weight and when the scale read 75kg I was relieved and said you see I am not overweight how much more obese and my annoying friend quickly asked what is your height? I asked what has this got to do with it, he answered everything. I said am 5ft 6 inches he pulls out his phone does some calculations and said I’m over weight, I was angry felt like squeezing the breath out of his body but then I asked, how can I be overweight? And then he explained. That conversation that day has put me on this path for a better weight and therefore better health

What better gift can you give your husband/wife, than a healthy agile person who would live as long as God allows?
What better gift can you give your Kids, than a mother/father who would live to see them grow up while maintain a good health?

When you ignore your weight you are being irresponsible and in return telling the people who care for you that they mean very little to you, over the next few weeks I will take you on a journey as I try to shift from being overweight to being normal weight, what I learn and do I will share with you, so you too can apply or share with friends. Sit back and relax.

feel free to comment, as we battle issues concerning overweight and obesity.

Friday, 24 April 2015

So many religions, Yet so much Hatred

Few weeks ago the Oba of Lagos made a comment that we all believe was out of place. Later, in our neighboring African country South Africa, the indigenes took to violence and killing because they believed other Africans has taken all their jobs away from them and left them jobless. Earlier today in Abia state people are being threatened with coffins and death, to get them to vote for a candidate.

How did we go so far from humanity and love?

The sad thing is that on Sunday the roads will be empty, shops closed, hotels deserted and church pews filled up, holy hands will be lifted up and praises will be sung to the God who created us all, all this actions and yet no love between us.

Again I ask how did we go so far from humanity and love?

I have Muslim friends, been around people who worship there village idols, read about various religions, grew up in a Christian environment and the common thread in all this religions is not heaven, hell, tithe, Commandments and so forth is simply love for one another.

In Christianity Jesus said by these shall Men know that you are followers of Me, when you have love for one another (john 13:35). But I hear very little of this message being preached in the altars, in the work place or in the chat groups.

It’s just me and my small blog but I would like you tonight before you sleep to think of a way you can show love this night or tomorrow and for the rest of your life. It could be call, a text, a ping, a small gift, a hug, it could also be to say am sorry. Life is too short to live in hatred. It’s a four letter word but I believe it’s the simple factor that makes us human, take away love and we are animals.

LADIES !!! Do We Really Have Issues?

Yesterday someone said the play ground was not equal because I didn’t even list a few vices of the women. Men believe flirting, gossiping, nagging are some vices one can see in a woman. Some say that nowadays ladies no longer cook like their mothers but drink like their fathers (heheheh).

 Well I was not trying to be biased but in MY OWN OPINION women don't just have vices we have ISSUES…. (dodges pure water). A friend once said "one who is not afraid of a woman is not afraid of death". Yes we have issues even amongst ourselves and that you can see competition among women. It is these same issues that make us gossip but guess what, gossiping is another symptom of insecurities, making their topic inferior because they spend time talking of other people issues. It’s these same issues that made me shout on someone for not wishing me happy birthday (covers face). These same issues can make us cranky but the good news is that they can be managed positively.

It takes a purpose driven person to successfully manage us. It also requires patience, understanding and communication to achieve same. When she becomes cranky instead of shouting on her first, find out if it's the work of her cycle or any underlining issue. If you make her comfortable and secure she won't have that time gossiping about you or the next person. When she acts like one with Orubebetisysis syndrome just give her the right dosage of Jegaquine believe me IT WORKS.

“To love a woman for her virtues is meaningless. She earned it; it’s a payment, not a gift. But to love her for her vices is a real gift, unearned and undeserved. To love her for her vices is to defile all virtue for her sake and that is a real tribute of love, because you sacrifice your conscience, your reason, your integrity and your invaluable self-esteem.”

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Empress Galleria

I met Cake Empress who happens to be the CEO of the Empress Galleria situate in Port Harcourt 3 years ago. She studied Food Science and Technology at FUTO. She started this art work in 2011 and asides from Cakes she also bakes cookies and bread. Her culinary skills cannot be over emphasized. She was taught the art of bakery by her friend and later took over and made her dream a reality through self-tutoring. The picture below was the first wedding cake she made. 

Her First Cake
Heheheheh!!!!! Soso I told I would tell. Just pray she doesn't visit my blog and see that her cake was actually for experiment. She made my cousin’s cake which happened to be her 3rd wedding cake. That day was the day I met her and my cousin refused to share her cake. According to her it was too beautiful to be shared. 
My Cousins Trad Cake
My Cousins Wedding Cake

I hunted her on Facebook and that was how we became friends and now family (smiles).

To her, baking means ‘cooking something that rises in the oven and using sugar to cover it up for it to look so pretty’. Personally I think her work justifies her definition.



If I choose to upload all her art work, you will be entertained for two years without repetition. her cakes are pure works of inspiration. You can follow her on instagram @theempressgalleria 
Happy Birthday Dearie..


Vices are opinions the society has painted as a yard stick to define a man. Now for the men I have learnt that their 3 major vices are Drinking, Smoking and Flirting. For the women, I can’t even shout (phew). No matter what you think of them they are lenses through which the society quickly classifies us and as for the men I think it’s something they indulge in to fan their ego. Thornton wilder once said “if a man has no vice, he is a greater danger of making vices out of his virtues…” but must it be negative? We all have vices both the ones that are visible or invisible. Some of them we suppress them that they become our secrets while most of us refuse to admit our vices. It is true that men are more easily governed through their vices than through their virtues (probably because the vices are usually easy and exciting) but I believe you can nurture these vices and just maybe their virtues will spring up around it.
To the ladies instead of nagging and wanting to bring down the roof, find a way to work round around his vice and let his virtues blossom more. Same goes to the men, instead of spending hours in that your famous joint complaining to your friends or flirting to get back at her and smoking to vent off the steam, spend those hours thinking of positive ways of making her a better woman. As for me, my man’s vices should berra be playing video game and watching football (I can’t shout o!!!) between how do you find your man’s/woman’s vices self especially those ones they deliberately keep secret? Follow me on twitter and Instagram: @toyidiya. You can also send your mails to

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Hadiza Kaugama who happens to be the CEO of BAKING BEE is a year older today. We went to the same secondary school FGGC Bwari and were both in TOPAZ house. She is selfless, prudent, hardworking and love to help the less privileged.
Her love for her family cannot be over emphasized. She believes that to build your self, you need to build the helpless people around you. This she has equally demonstrated at every given opportunity.
It is also her prayer that peace returns to the North and the Chibok girls found.
Baking Bee shop which is located in Abuja is one place i will not fail to visit once i visit.
You can contact her @bakingbeeng on instagram or . Trust her to satisfy your guests at your event. Happy Birthday to a dear friend and may the good Lord continue to bless the works of your hands. photo credit @hmkstudio


I came across this ad and I remembered days I dwelt in ignorance back in 2010. I went to Ogbete market in Enugu to buy hair oh. The hair vendor gave me one human hair which I happily paid for. I fixed the hair and was feeling fly with myself (you wan try). My friends have never seen me wear such length of hair and they even laughed more when I told them it was human hair (covers face). To cut the long story short, 2 weeks after I could literally scrub my shoe with the hair (sobs)…. This experience has motivated me to talk about THE HAIR LAUNDRY... The Hair Laundry was born out of the passion to help women who complained daily about the turn out of their weaves after a few weeks of wearing them, the loses experienced when and if they leave their weaves with armatures to wash . They understand you want your hair to always look brand new and that is what they are about. The Hair Laundry over the years has proven that there is no such thing as bad human hair . Since its debut in 2013 it has become a trend for women to send their hair to the laundry store, just the same way they send their cloths to the laundry. At the hair laundry it gets the proper attention it needs rather than leaving it in the hands of armatures.
The hair laundry do not only make sure your hair is cleaned with the right cleaning agent, we make your hair last longer as every other hair defect detected is corrected immediately, leaving it clean, soft, silky and bouncy.
The hair laundry has decided to provide a fast rout for people who are in or are interested in the hair and beauty industry or those who are not able to help their customers offer any extra after sales hair service, like changing the colour shades, re-curling the hair after use, or even getting to successfully brush through a tangled hair piece. WHO SHOULD ATTEND!!!  Hair sellers and Salon owners  If you have an interest in the hair and beauty industry  If you are a makeup Artist interested in hair styling  If you are a hair stylist and wish to expand your scope.  If you have a job and wish to make extra money. “DON'T THROW AWAY YOUR EXPENSIVE HAIR, REPAIR IT FOR A FRACTION OF ITS COST" - Hair Laundry To Register and get a full brochure. Call 07031247806 Email IG @ugohairlaundry
HEHEHEH!!!! I WONT fail to mention that you can also get your affordable wigs at the Hair Laundry. Kindly visit THE HAIR LAUNDRY located at Block 4, Shop 6, Bar Beach Towers, Bishop Oluwole, Victoria Island Lagos. If you are in Abuja, you can also visit Ogodor House, 10B Sakono Street opposite AP Plaza.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Why Do Men Tend To Be Less Concerned About Their Marriage Than Women?

For weeks now i have been asking my self why men tend to be less concerned about their marriage than women and yet i have still not gotten a convincing answer to that. I have heard a thousand and one times that it is the woman that keeps the home but the last time i checked both parties said 'I DO' and not just the woman. Women are the ones that buy most books on marriages and initiate most marriage counseling and they also file for divorce more often than men. Are men that less concerned because it is the woman that bears the shame if she moves back to her parent's house or is it generally in their nature to be less concerned? Its not enough for a man to think that his only role in the family is just to provide for the family. Most times your money is not all a woman needs in her marriage, she also needs YOU.