Friday, 24 April 2015

So many religions, Yet so much Hatred

Few weeks ago the Oba of Lagos made a comment that we all believe was out of place. Later, in our neighboring African country South Africa, the indigenes took to violence and killing because they believed other Africans has taken all their jobs away from them and left them jobless. Earlier today in Abia state people are being threatened with coffins and death, to get them to vote for a candidate.

How did we go so far from humanity and love?

The sad thing is that on Sunday the roads will be empty, shops closed, hotels deserted and church pews filled up, holy hands will be lifted up and praises will be sung to the God who created us all, all this actions and yet no love between us.

Again I ask how did we go so far from humanity and love?

I have Muslim friends, been around people who worship there village idols, read about various religions, grew up in a Christian environment and the common thread in all this religions is not heaven, hell, tithe, Commandments and so forth is simply love for one another.

In Christianity Jesus said by these shall Men know that you are followers of Me, when you have love for one another (john 13:35). But I hear very little of this message being preached in the altars, in the work place or in the chat groups.

It’s just me and my small blog but I would like you tonight before you sleep to think of a way you can show love this night or tomorrow and for the rest of your life. It could be call, a text, a ping, a small gift, a hug, it could also be to say am sorry. Life is too short to live in hatred. It’s a four letter word but I believe it’s the simple factor that makes us human, take away love and we are animals.


  1. Only if everyone will see it this way ...ISIS is already showing life is not worth living...

  2. My dear, I am disappointed in this country but our anchor holds in Jesus name

  3. @Kalu lets keep interceding for our dear country