Thursday, 23 April 2015


Vices are opinions the society has painted as a yard stick to define a man. Now for the men I have learnt that their 3 major vices are Drinking, Smoking and Flirting. For the women, I can’t even shout (phew). No matter what you think of them they are lenses through which the society quickly classifies us and as for the men I think it’s something they indulge in to fan their ego. Thornton wilder once said “if a man has no vice, he is a greater danger of making vices out of his virtues…” but must it be negative? We all have vices both the ones that are visible or invisible. Some of them we suppress them that they become our secrets while most of us refuse to admit our vices. It is true that men are more easily governed through their vices than through their virtues (probably because the vices are usually easy and exciting) but I believe you can nurture these vices and just maybe their virtues will spring up around it.
To the ladies instead of nagging and wanting to bring down the roof, find a way to work round around his vice and let his virtues blossom more. Same goes to the men, instead of spending hours in that your famous joint complaining to your friends or flirting to get back at her and smoking to vent off the steam, spend those hours thinking of positive ways of making her a better woman. As for me, my man’s vices should berra be playing video game and watching football (I can’t shout o!!!) between how do you find your man’s/woman’s vices self especially those ones they deliberately keep secret? Follow me on twitter and Instagram: @toyidiya. You can also send your mails to


  1. Oy that is not fair you listed the supposed Vices of Men, and you could not even name one for ladies, the playing field is not balanced..

  2. Errrmmmmmm, discovering these vices us what has turned women into sss detectives, lol!!!!!!

    1. For ur mind you dey feel like detective, this no bi court room parole oh...😛😛😛😛😛

  3. a vice is a bad HABIT, so it's almost impossible not to notice it if your eyes are open. some people can be too blinded by "love" to see it.