Thursday, 23 April 2015

Empress Galleria

I met Cake Empress who happens to be the CEO of the Empress Galleria situate in Port Harcourt 3 years ago. She studied Food Science and Technology at FUTO. She started this art work in 2011 and asides from Cakes she also bakes cookies and bread. Her culinary skills cannot be over emphasized. She was taught the art of bakery by her friend and later took over and made her dream a reality through self-tutoring. The picture below was the first wedding cake she made. 

Her First Cake
Heheheheh!!!!! Soso I told I would tell. Just pray she doesn't visit my blog and see that her cake was actually for experiment. She made my cousin’s cake which happened to be her 3rd wedding cake. That day was the day I met her and my cousin refused to share her cake. According to her it was too beautiful to be shared. 
My Cousins Trad Cake
My Cousins Wedding Cake

I hunted her on Facebook and that was how we became friends and now family (smiles).

To her, baking means ‘cooking something that rises in the oven and using sugar to cover it up for it to look so pretty’. Personally I think her work justifies her definition.



If I choose to upload all her art work, you will be entertained for two years without repetition. her cakes are pure works of inspiration. You can follow her on instagram @theempressgalleria 
Happy Birthday Dearie..


  1. Wow... Nice... Biuriful...gifted...talented...blessed... Hw do we reach her... Cos i wuld definitely need her services....

    Nice blog by d way...


  2. Work well done...lovely!!

  3. Beautiful please what is the price range like?

  4. @Zee thanks alot her instagram id is there @theempressgalleria you can contact her via IG.