Wednesday, 22 April 2015


I came across this ad and I remembered days I dwelt in ignorance back in 2010. I went to Ogbete market in Enugu to buy hair oh. The hair vendor gave me one human hair which I happily paid for. I fixed the hair and was feeling fly with myself (you wan try). My friends have never seen me wear such length of hair and they even laughed more when I told them it was human hair (covers face). To cut the long story short, 2 weeks after I could literally scrub my shoe with the hair (sobs)…. This experience has motivated me to talk about THE HAIR LAUNDRY... The Hair Laundry was born out of the passion to help women who complained daily about the turn out of their weaves after a few weeks of wearing them, the loses experienced when and if they leave their weaves with armatures to wash . They understand you want your hair to always look brand new and that is what they are about. The Hair Laundry over the years has proven that there is no such thing as bad human hair . Since its debut in 2013 it has become a trend for women to send their hair to the laundry store, just the same way they send their cloths to the laundry. At the hair laundry it gets the proper attention it needs rather than leaving it in the hands of armatures.
The hair laundry do not only make sure your hair is cleaned with the right cleaning agent, we make your hair last longer as every other hair defect detected is corrected immediately, leaving it clean, soft, silky and bouncy.
The hair laundry has decided to provide a fast rout for people who are in or are interested in the hair and beauty industry or those who are not able to help their customers offer any extra after sales hair service, like changing the colour shades, re-curling the hair after use, or even getting to successfully brush through a tangled hair piece. WHO SHOULD ATTEND!!!  Hair sellers and Salon owners  If you have an interest in the hair and beauty industry  If you are a makeup Artist interested in hair styling  If you are a hair stylist and wish to expand your scope.  If you have a job and wish to make extra money. “DON'T THROW AWAY YOUR EXPENSIVE HAIR, REPAIR IT FOR A FRACTION OF ITS COST" - Hair Laundry To Register and get a full brochure. Call 07031247806 Email IG @ugohairlaundry
HEHEHEH!!!! I WONT fail to mention that you can also get your affordable wigs at the Hair Laundry. Kindly visit THE HAIR LAUNDRY located at Block 4, Shop 6, Bar Beach Towers, Bishop Oluwole, Victoria Island Lagos. If you are in Abuja, you can also visit Ogodor House, 10B Sakono Street opposite AP Plaza.