Monday, 25 May 2015

Wolves in the midst of Sheep

Woke up yesterday morning excited about going to the House of the Lord and the best part was that it was children's Sunday.  As usual I got to the church by 7 am, sat down at my favorite spot and had made up my mind that service was going to be awesome. 
Service started and just as I anticipated the children trilled us with their performances. It was amazing watching this particular 5 years old girl sing, her voice was that of a nightingale and of course she got a standing ovation.

Every other thing went well and my strategic position also made me the custodian of my bag along with an Usher's bag. Sat on my sit throughout the sermon up until the end of service when I decided to go use the convenience.  On my way back to church I found out that they were about bringing the service to a close and usually they shut d entrance to d church. 
I decided to go buy water before they dismiss finally and open the doors.  Well to cut the story short I got back to my seat only to find the two bags missing.  I went to ask the Usher if she had taken the bags and she answered in affirmative only to the extent that she took only hers and that was just 2 minutes ago. She also confirmed having left my bag behind.


That was how my day went south.  Just like rapture my bag had disappeared, taken by the original owners.  I thought of my money, my wallet, my ATMs, passports all gone with the original owner. I thought it was only Christians that come to church, but then I remembered hey even the devil is still walking to and fro looking for who to devour and if it were only Christians that attend church then there will be no need for sermons and altar calls, there will always be wolves in the midst of sheep's.

Well I blame myself for been so careless but the Usher too didn't try at all.  My only prayer is that such people with evil intentions will Repent and receive Christ.  Because I can't understand the rationale why someone will leave his or her just to come and Rob another in the house of the Lord.  I thought we are all brethren’s but I have learnt the hard way that it's not everyone that comes to church. Some come to steal, to kill and to destroy. Well once beaten twice shy.  Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. But my father will always tell me to learn from people's mistakes so I hope people will learn from my mistake and don't fall victim.

1.       Do not leave your hand bags with anyone that is not a friend, and if you must do carry your valuables with you, your phones and wallets should always be with you not in your bag when you leave it with someone, we all know we save our passwords to our social media, emails etc on our phones so we do not have to re-enter them always, so losing your phone in a modern day is easily losing your identity, so please be more careful, a good hacker from your social media and emails can guess your ATM password in 10 minute.

2.       Have a credible password, once I lost my belongings a dear friend who has been bickering for years about how I should upgrade my password, asked me if I did and sadly enough I did not, so how do you do this

This means a 6 character password with only lowercase letters can be hacked in just 10 mins, and so and so forth, this was gotten from business week. Have a credible password

3.       Call your bank as soon as possible, all banks now have a dedicated number for emergencies, calling them as soon as possible would mean they block all transactions from your account till further notice.

4.       Finally be more careful, I should have passed my bag into the care of someone else before I left the seat, I was careless and I paid the price,.. 

Oh I almost forgot the good news, I stayed back in church till 5pm thinking about my life.  Went round the church like 6 times and just the final walk I saw the bag outside the main church with just my Bible and writing pad in it.  My wallet, means of identification, money all gone, and my phone charger too gone but as usual I was with my phones so they were not stolen. Can someone give the Lord a big shout!!!


  1. Hi O.Y! I'm glad you learnt a lesson or two from your unfortunate experience which you decided to share with followers of your blog! Truth is, you ought to consider yourself lucky as you didn't lose more than what you listed! A female friend of mine once lost her Toyota car in church and came to run the Missing Car announcement at our station (Hot 98.3 Fm Abuja) and that was how I found out that she lost her car! Unfortunately for her she didn't find the car and had to buy another one after several months of saving! So you see, it doesn't matter where you are these days, you should always keep your valuables safe even in your house! That's what I tell my wife sometimes and she just doesn't get it! Gone are the days you trust anyone anywhere with your valuables! If you don't keep it properly, you will lose it even in church unfortunately! The world we live in today is MORALLY BANKRUPT and citizens shouldn't assume the next person would be rational and not act stupidly even in a sacred enclave! Sorry about your loss and I hope people learn from it!

  2. GThank God you got the bag back ...but I will not distance that usher from being guilty ...
    Thanks for the lesson...