Friday, 29 May 2015

16 seconds That Changed the History of Africa

The phone rang, and rang the second time and then someone picked and the remaining 16 seconds of that conversation changed history.

As we have witnessed the smooth transition from one government to another today May 29th 2015, one can’t help but recount how we got to this point. The 2015 presidential election might have come and gone but its effects and lessons are ever green.

I am not here to talk about the two major political parties that did not allow us rest, whether it was rigged or not; I am neither the Independent National Electoral Commission nor did I participate in any form in the just concluded election.

I am only talking about this because there are lots of lessons to be learnt from this past election. Simply put I learnt a lot from the just concluded 2015 election which I will like to share.

1.       Strength in Unity

I cannot over emphasis how this factor was made manifest in this election. There is a saying that goes like this, ‘united we stand, divided we fall’. The All Progressive Congress (APC) did not just pursue her aim as just a political party, she came as a movement with just one mission which they didn’t lose sight of. She had her house in order and did not let anything disrupt the peace and unity she had built for years. The opposition party on the other hand had a divided house and there will never be progress once the center can no longer hold.

2.       Bridle one’s tongue

Like they say behind every successful man is a woman and that woman can make or mar you. Well anybody that paid close attention to the rallies, events and the long speeches will agree with me that not bridling one’s tongue by some prominent people in the then ruling party aided in their loss of the election.

3.       Be on guard

Do not be in a hurry to rejoice because other people are decamping to your party. You never can tell, they might be spy’s sent to divulge your plans to your opposition. if your enemy decamps to your party, you ought to at alert. Strength in number does not work in this scenario especially when there is a hidden agenda.
                         Image result for images of buhari swearing in
4.       No gain in talking bad about others.

Sorry to say the People democratic Party(PDP) used their energy negatively and that did not help their case. Rallies are medium created for you to use and encourage the voters and give them reasons to vote for you but they spent more them trying to tarnish the image of the opposition party. Anyone who delights in talking about another is totally insecure

5.       Never forget those you are serving

Every leader is a servant and should have the spirit of service. Most of us forget those who put us in the position we find our self. We forget the poor masses who entrusted their life to you believing that you will handle it with care. CHANGE came because over the years there was no improvement by those in power

6.       Never give up

We are all conversant with the General Muhammed Buhari's story. Several times he had tried, he almost gave up but like they say with determination and persistence you will surely get there.

7.       Be calm, articulate and be in charge

These attributes were evidently seen in the Independent National Electoral Commission chairman professor Attahiru Jega. The way he handled both parties, trying not to be biased and addressing each complaint peacefully. Bible says a slow reply will always turn away wrath, learn to be calm.
                        Image result for images of buhari swearing in
8.       Be smart, strategize and Execute

Parties were smart, they strategized and executed as planned but the truth remains that some are smarter than others (if you call it rigging, you are on your own). whatever you do in life without a plan is more likely to fail, plans are triggers that fire your goal to its destination.

9.       Finally when you lose have the maturity to respect your opponent and leave peacefully, those 16seconds that President GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN spent in congratulating GENERAL BUHARI, was what defused a ticking bomb. In your relationship, at work or in school learn to be hate losing but be a good loser.

happy democracy day to our great nation NIGERIA, I sincerely pray for a positive change in all aspect of her life.