Saturday, 9 May 2015


Today i have decided to gush about this trending soap as my BBM is no longer enough for me. So kindly forgive me if you are not a fan on Indian movies but i assure you, you wont regret seeing this one.
Punar Vivaah (Married Again) is a story of two heartbroken individuals who decided to re marry just for the sake of their children as both were still in love with their first love. Yash a widower who has  Arpita his late wife's memories with him and Aarti a divorcee still hopeful that one day Prashant would come back for her.

I want to talk about few of my favorite characters for now which are: -

Aarti   a divorcee who had to agree to an arranged marriage just to provide a father to her Ansh. The kind of love this lady had for her Prashant and Yash, i doubt if it can be found in real life. I think its only in movies that such love can be seen even though she had to go through a lot all in the name of love. The character of Aarti depicts that of a caring wife, a loving mother, industrious daughter in law and a trustworthy sister. Truly a woman is strength personified.

Yash a widower with two lovely girls Palak and Payal who decided to remarry not for his personal needs but just to get a mother for his angels. He decided to satisfy his personal needs just by relieving moments he spent with Arpita his late wife. He's so principled that he saw his one night stand with his wife as a sin as he had vowed to his late wife to know no other. Our Yash (in Maya's voice) almost took his own life but the prayers of a loving wife pulled him through that fight.

Shobha honestly i have never seen such love...a mother in law who treats her daughter in law as her only child and wishes her the best in her future thereby giving her out to Yash in marriage. Most mother in laws will keep you to themselves so that you will continue putting sugar in their coffee for them. She was like an anchor to Aarti, her strength in her weakness, her adviser, loving mother and a friend. Personally I love her spirit.

Gayatri  phew the never laughing mother in law when things are bad. Strict and always wants to be in charge. A loving mother who doesn't mind playing the role of a wife to her sons too. Mrs Scindia.

Prashant i really do not want to waste my energy on this character. In summary NO ONE deserves such character as a brother let alone a husband and a father. Selfish, self centered, gold digger and an annoying character.

Pankaj the first son of the Scindia family. A caring brother to Yash and Pratik, a loving husband and a jovial uncle.

Vidhi everybody deserves a daughter in law, sister like this character but unfortunately to me she didn't really play her role as a wife.

Pratik my man of the season, always has something up his sleeves. He puts his family first and other's happiness before his. Fun loving husband.

Maya aka Oh Lord!!! aka Our Yash!!! Honestly this character does not deserve to be seen in any human being. Always envious of Aarti, looking for what to plot and who to use as pawn. I really don't know why Mr Scindia left her under his roof self because left to me she does not deserve to be an aunt to anyone.
Dear Maya Widows have their own right to happiness and please do not kill them if you choose not to find happiness yourself. Plus i am not a fan of having everyone under one roof , the Scindia house could be likened to a dormitory and as usual all their lives revolved around Yash and Aarti and such situation is not healthy as it gives room to jealousy, envy and plotting of evil deeds against one another.

I will stop here for today but i want to ask everyone reading this

Is it true that two individuals cannot live together if they do not love each other?
Is it true that a relationship can only work if there was a physical intimacy between partners?
Is first love truly the deepest and only true love?
Do we only love once?

Please who knows how i can get the subtitled version of this movie pleasessss, or site i can download the subtitled version or better still bring Our Yash to interpret for All yea Nigerian girls struggling for Yash please he is married but here are more pictures to console us and i must confess that he is handsome in happy and trying times likewise Amam. Namaste!!!!

photo credit to Indian and You-tube.


  1. I like Aarti, Aarti his the one that make me always watch marriage again, I love her, I love everything about her.

  2. I like Aarti, Aarti his the one that make me always watch marriage again, I love her, I love everything about her.

    1. I love yash&pratik I love watch married again