Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Like the popular movie in 2005 Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Marrying someone in the same profession is very common as relationships are generally built amongst like-minded people. While some believe that it is a building block for a successful marriage, many argue that same profession can actually turn your marriage into a battlefield. Listed below are some pros and cons that will help you make a better decision.


We understand ourselves

Erratic shift timings and work pressure are some of the salient features of every professional career. When in the same profession, the level of understanding is often much higher. As both partners are on the same career ship, there is no room for clarifications or explanations on things like overtime, extended shifts, or midnight emergencies.  And we all know that understanding is one of the key ingredients of a successful marriage. Once you call or text for a work excuse you don’t have to start explaining super story for your partner to understand.

Keep the conversation alive

Even though it is mostly advised that discussions related to work should not come home, just imagine how wonderful it would be to always have something to talk about, boring days are over. A healthy conversation related to lawsuits, medical cases, product design or angry customer, is more interesting with a partner in same profession. You avoid the ‘stupid’ questions your partner might ask when they are lost.

 More time together

Often, working couples complain that they don’t get to spend enough time together. Either their work timings do not meet or they are too tired and stressed after work hours. But, if both partners are in the same profession, it can help you create time for yourself. You can meet up during lunch or tea breaks, even going to work and back home together can give you time to catch up with each other.



Financial insecurity

One of the major disadvantages of marrying someone in the same profession is financial crises. In case of recession or change in the market, if a particular profession is badly hit, it can lead to unavoidable circumstances. Imagine if the government wakes up and passes a bill that hits your profession badly, the family is in a bad place, diversified income is always a good thing

Race against each other

In this competitive job market, people already race against each other to meet their desired goals and targets. To have your partner as one of the participants in that race can lead to unnecessary jealousy and competitiveness. Most people believe that when you are in the same profession you both can’t be superstars because the sacrifices are the same so one has to propel the other. Would you like to reach a desired goal at the cost of “happy marriage?”

Blurred lines

Because you both are in the same profession sometimes you experience blurred lines between work and home, you carry things over from work and in doing so sometimes miss out on other things that your partner might want to do, and you will trade romance and cuddling for work talk and analyzing. These blurred lines might lead to boredom.

I think it really depends on the people involved, their personalities and what the profession is and if they have to work together. The world today is tough and full of stress for owners and employees alike, it is difficult to be in a stressful environment with your spouse all day long and then go home to face the additional stresses that family life can bring.
Do let us know your opinion on this through comments. Would you be interested in marrying someone in the same profession?


  1. To be honest I don't think it can work perfectly for me ..ah ah you check am na

  2. Yea! I don't think I have an issue with that

  3. "I think the cons outweigh the pro's...... Its more exciting to have one in a different field; u know what they say "variety is d spice of life". It takes away the rat race which is unhealthy especially between couples.
    May be more fun to quickly understand what the other person is saying if in same field buh hey! I'm fine staring and smiling into my partners eyes as though he's a rocket scientist #sillyface.....make them feel like a hero at what they do.
    Finally, diff strokes for diff folks :)"