Saturday, 16 May 2015


I had a busy day yesterday , spent countless hours in court trying to do what i am paid for, hassled through the traffic to get home  and was too tired to even make dinner so I just got food from a restaurant and headed straight for the sheets.

It was almost 9pm, I  wanted to doze of immediately so I could get enough rest since today is Saturday and I had lots of house chores lined up. As i lay in bed twisting and turning plus the hot weather. 12am, I am still wide awake, sleep has deserted me and my eyes has refused to shut down. Oh sleep where at thou!!!

I know we have all been disappointed by our first love (aka SLEEP) in times when we needed it the most, so that got me thinking how can I always make myself sleep when I want to, and this are the steps I came up with

Eat early

We all know that if you are too full, your body will not agree to shut down immediately and even if it does , it will later lead to pot belle because we shut down metabolism early to get some rest. For the basic foods you eat you should know their approximate digestion time Eg, protein usually takes about 3 hours to digest and carbohydrates takes about 2 hours depending on the type of protein or carbohydrate you eat, but also note that the full process of digestion and absorption is about 7 hours for almost all foods. My advice minimum of 2 hours before you sleep will work wonders for you

Have a bath

This is a bit of a routine for most of us because we do it regularly before we sleep, in hot times you should prefer a cold bath, and in cold times a warm bath will do. Please this is not for the lady’s alone men should also try it, it is a known research that a hot shower before you sleep help open nasal passages and therefore helps with snoring. Drag him to the bathroom if you have to.

Sleep with less cloths

I know where your mind is going, but bring it back. I am not the one that did the research but it is a fact so you should try it, sleeping naked has many health benefits I would just list a few,
If your body can’t release the heat because of heavy pajamas or wrapper, you are more likely to suffer from insomnia, because your core won’t be able to release the heat. Sleeping naked allows the heat to release more quickly, and helps you fall asleep faster.
Airing out the skin all over your body, especially in areas like your feet, armpits, and genitals, means a lowered risk for skin diseases like athlete’s foot, which result from wet, restricted skin!
It is also believed that naked sleepers have a longer and deeper sleep.
Oh well beware of rats and cockroaches,  so best option maintain a clean room,  personal hygiene works wonders.

Kill the Lights

Darkness helps your body start to produce hormones that make you sleep, having the television on, or staring at your tablet or phone is hardly a routine that will make you sleep, for security reasons I will say do not switch it off, but you can mute all messages and leave the call setting on, but if you have stalkers then switch it off totally.

Understand your sleeping routine

Some of us like to use pillows some don’t, if you use pillows use a pillow that is not too thin or too wide, because pillows help support your neck and head when you sleep, but then there are different types of pillows for different sleeping positions and different seasons, for example, a pillow that is made of silk is a very poor choice for summer because it will retain heat. Etc. know positions that quickly get you into the sleep zone and use them often.

Some people use soft music to get into the sleep zone and some use a voice in the background, I know a friend who when he can’t sleep turns on CNN, he said the voices makes him doze off, funny right, but whatever routine works for you identify it and know when you can use it.

Finally I found out that if your lack of sleep is chronic you need to see a sleep Doctor, yeah you heard me right, SLEEP DOCTOR, apparently there are doctors that just treat sleep disorder. Last night I did not know all these, if I had am sure I would have tweaked one or two things to get my beauty sleep.


  1. Oy...1st luv sleep? idikwa sure...hmmm

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