Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Fatal Fumes

I recently read a story about a 54-year-old Abia State-born Prophet, Onyenonachi Ihezukwu Agwu, who was found dead in his four-room apartment alongside his wife, 2 children and the landlady. Three dead  chicken were also found  close to the bathroom of the bungalow.

The probable cause of death as stated by the Police was the generating set which they left on. The generating set which was bought three days before their death was found along the passage, inside the bungalow and the policemen were the ones that put it off. The police suspected that the victims to have died from excessive inhaling of carbon monoxide produced by the generator.
Now my first reaction was to blame the Government, PHCN and their epileptic power supply. I thought to myself if there is consistent Light in this country, I am sure that the late prophet and his family would have lived to die another day.  On the other hand, no matter how many hours I spend blaming the PHCN and the Government; these lives can never be brought back to life.
Secondly I thought to myself how people will sleep under the same roof with their generating set on and that was when it dawned on me that it is either most of us are still not enlightened on the dangers of inhaling Carbon monoxide which a generating set produces or we are just careless and thinks nothing will happen, this careless attitude is always the bane of many to thread on ignorance.

lack of enlightenment of the dangers of inhaling such and the callous attitude we have to things like this is why I have taken it upon myself to enlighten those that visit my blog peradventure they come across someone who needs to be properly informed.
Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas, which has no taste, odour or colour, making it extremely difficult to detect. This gas is responsible for many deaths all over the world, and it is associated with the incomplete burning of natural gas and carbon-relates material such as propane, coal, wood and kerosene.
It symptoms varies from person to another, but the common symptoms include Fatigue, headaches, dizziness, chest pain, loss of consciousness and lots more.
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Inhaling CO can lead one to permanent brain and major organ damage amongst other things. The elderly, those with heart or lung problems, young children, animals, pregnant mothers and unborn babies are particularly susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning, as are those that already have certain levels of CO in the blood, such as smokers or those exposed to carbon monoxide as an occupational hazard.
Tips to help with minimizing carbon monoxide exposure.

  • Check your appliances regularly for any leakage what so ever. There are many items and appliances within the home that can be the source of carbon monoxide pollution such fuel burning heaters, furnaces, water heaters, butane or gas heaters, stoves and gas ovens, central heating systems, and refrigerators. Using these appliances in poorly vented or enclosed spaces can increase the chances of carbon monoxide pollution.
  • If you stay in a small apartment, make sure you clean you gas cooker and stove burner regularly to minimize the amount of Carbon monoxide released. try to always cook with the blue flame coming from the stove or gas cooker they help reduce the amount of carbon monoxide you release. 
  • Don't not warm your car in the early morning with the exhaust pipes facing your home door, always try to let the fumes into a well ventilated space( this does not mean you should point it to your neighbor either)
  • I know you are a chef and you cook 5 star dishes, please do not grill and barbecue(bole and roasted yam, roasted corn etc) in a kitchen that is not ventilated properly
  • Fumes from generating set are fatal. It is a silent epidemic and painless killer as it can kill you without even you knowing of its presence. Never use your set in your house. It should be kept in a well ventilated environment and not even close to the window. Have other appliances fitted by professionals, regularly checked and cleaned as the case may be.

 It is so sad losing one to things that one could have easily avoided. Please tell your neighbor to tell his neighbor that exposure to CO kills silently. lets consciously try to stay alive.

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  1. Hey friend! U are really disseminating some informations here that can actually save lives! U are doing great and I appreciate u