Friday, 22 May 2015

My Career , My Choice.

I was cleaning out my closet when I saw a letter written to me by my father in 2000; he told me that I should study hard so that I will be able to get admission to Medicine and Surgery in the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka. After reading that letter, I felt for him and remembered his ordeal with my immediate elder brother who wrote JAMB 3 times for the same course in the same school and yet was not given admission. My brother was so frustrated that he had to buy the next form with his own money, choose Civil Engineering as his preferred course in University of Benin.  That year he got admission to study his dream course after waiting so many years trying to fulfill a father’s quest to have a Medical Doctor as a son. Finally none of us studied Medicine and Surgery even after so many years trying to achieve that and now my father has taken comfort in his relatives who are consultants in the medical field.
Now I know a lot of you will say we have disappointed him, but the truth remains that as he didn't create any one of us, he can’t force another man’s destiny upon us. Parents make such mistakes wasting the future of their children in order to fulfill their own desires. Some will tell you, ‘I want you to reach that height I never reached or I want you to study that my dream course for me’. My dear don’t be deceive because though you are of the same blood, you are not of the same character neither will you have the same destiny.

Personally i don't believe that a career can be your destiny, but careers are tools for you to fulfill your destiny, you life is too big to be defined by a Job title, your career/job/vocation  are all means to an end not the end.

I feel that parents should be able to direct their children to the right career part after carefully studying the ward. For instance our 4th born started defacing the walls of the house from childhood, with all manner of drawing and calligraphy. My parents did not even bore him with the medicine and surgery talk and concurred when he told them he wanted to study Architecture.
What we should consider:-

Choosing a right career can be difficult but having a defined career direction helps. With little work, planning and some self reflection you will be heading towards a better career.

1.       Consider your interest

There is a saying that if you are trying to choose a career, you should think about what you would do if you didn't have to work. Whether you have the means or not; this way you will get a better insight into what you think you should do. Example, if you want to be an actor, you can consider getting a degree in communications or media broadcasting etc

2.       Hobbies

You should also consider your hobbies while making such decisions as many hobbies respond to real world needs. If you like playing volleyball, you can major in that, join a club to enhance your skills and you will definitely go places. You could also consider teaching about sports who knows you might become one of the known coaches in your generation

3.       Academic subject

Also put into consideration that subject you look forward to every day you are in school. Academic subjects even though it requires more schooling, translates well into a future career, when pursued with strength and vigor. That is why you must choose carefully so that you don’t go wasting years and having certificate you won’t use.

4.       Skills

Nowadays, skilled labour is easier and it is often in demand. Discover that your skills and enhance on it; if you like cooking, you can go to a culinary school and enhance your skills.You can also consider your interpersonal skills, which can help you become a social worker or join a Non Governmental Organization. If you have that passion to help others. You can become a motivational speaker if you know how to communicate and interact well with people.

5.       Ask a professional

Some of us don’t recognize the presence of guidance and counselors we have in our schools. We keep drifting and struggling to find ourselves when a meeting with such professionals can help direct us towards a better part.

6.       Finance

Some career paths require special schooling which is unnecessarily expensive especially in this country. I know someone that has abandoned law all because he can’t afford the ridiculous amount for Law school. You spend so much, sell your property to pay your tuition for your 5 years in university and then your law school fees is more than the amount you paid for those 5 years (really and truly it saddens my heart). Your ability to pursue your career or change careers may hinge on your financial situation and in this situation I do not know what to say but I pray that the government will create more programs to help her citizens example apprenticeship programs, scholarships, grants etc to help you live your dream.

7.       Job stability

This should also be put into consideration as the job market always fluctuates. The society needs different things at different times. So think outside the box and think of that thing that will always be needed at anytime. Nowadays law positions are no longer in demand as last few years; that is why all these politicians are conceding defeat and dashing the hopes of lawyers, lol.

Finally it is not the end of the world if you chose a wrong career, you can change it though it may take more time and work but I suggest you start today.

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