Friday, 17 July 2015

What Every Instructor Should Know.........

Sometime last week I ordered a musical DVD online because I needed to learn the dance routines and work out with it because the dance steps incorporated lots of abs routines. I can now fit into a size 8 pants and even though I lost tummy fat, I can't compare it to the amount of weight fat i have lost in other places.

I thought to my self that it would be best to flip my exercise and just do abdominal to help lose more of the belly fat and less fat in other places. Yea yea!!!!! i know what you might be saying " i thought she was the one complaining that she was over weight or ah ah after all her preaching that we need to keep fit etc' but don't forget that 'as a rule man is a fool when its hot, he wants it cold, when its cold he wants it hot, always wanting what is not'. Well I really wanted to loose weight, the more i got closer to my desired size the more i felt happy, but my major problem was my tummy fat and the worst part is when you have a cousin who constantly reminded you of how your tummy enters the room before the person carrying it. So please don't blame me if I am complaining that I can now fit into a size 10 dress comfortably and yet still need to burn my abdominal fat.

Finally the dvd was delivered to my office and after work I flew to the gym so elated that I was going to learn some new moves and have fun while working on my abs. I got to the gym and convinced every one there that the dvd was the bomb (lol even when i never watch am o) and they finally agreed for me to change the station from the Trace Tv they were enjoying oh while working out. Hmmm!!! na so everyone come focus to see the routines oh (lol you go fear this kind rapt attention o).

Finally the show started, the dance instructor came out with THE dancers (lol abeg i had to use the cos if i tell you the gender you fit figure out with dvd i dey yarn about... kpele ). One song had more than 15 routines which I really do not mind but teaching all the 15 routines and above at the same time as we are all at the same level was not nice. THE instructor took all the routines at once without the song, performed it again with the song playing along and the next thing they entered the dance hall and performed the routine again (my dear i for go club ku ku ma go dance na, ah ah kilode!!!).

I was pained in the spirit, I thought of my time i used to surf for that dvd online, the money i wasted buying it and to worsen the situation every other person in the gym didn't spare me and the torture i just put them through. My instructor laughed really hard saying "Torti I told you to follow your program and you decided that you want to dance, please continue your dance as I have other clients waiting'. I apologized to those I tortured and packed my bag, carried my burden (dvd) and left the gym.

I thought to my self saying ' finally it takes a whole lot to be a teacher, to be able to teach someone something and for that patience to be able to comprehend it well and fast". I mean nothing stops THE instructor from choosing less complicated routines (even every topic for maths self get more than one formula, in fact one get long method and short method self) or even if THE instructor wants to show case all routines giving us time to learn and follow suit would have been more appropriate. But then what do I know, am neither a teacher nor am I a dance instructor.

I think every teacher / instructor should consider the following each time they are about to embark on such journey:

1.  Know your audience:Any instructor who just stands for hours, dish out instructions, gives just one example and leaves the rest to his or her student is not a good instructor/ teacher. A good teacher / instructor should be able to able to know his or how audience and decipher how fast or slow they get to grasp something. When THAT instructor decided to make the dance video I doubt if this was properly considered if not show casing all routines and taking it to the dance hall shouldn't have been the appropriate thing. The beginners, middle classes where not properly considered.

2.   Patience: every instructor or teacher ought to have patience with those that they are tutoring. He or she understands that he or she is dealing with different individuals from different background and may not be able to comprehend just at the same time. Just as the fingers are not equal so is our ability to comprehend things not the same with the next person.

3. Communication: this is very vital for every one who wishes to succeed in conveying his or her message to the audience. This involves the body movements, eye contact and of cos the oral aspect of it. Lack of proper communication skills will either leave your audience more confused or make them lose interest.

4. Passion: any instructor or teacher that does not have passion for or love what he or she does will never produce good result. It is this passion that differentiates you from another person in your field. Really and truly THE instructor has passion and loves dancing; and on a normal day i would say this is the greatest factor to consider  but from all indications one of these factors can not be 100% without the other.

So when next you are in a position to teach/instruct anyone , please consider the person or group, be patient, communicate on a level they will understand and deliver your message with passion.

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