Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Does the Church you marry in determine your happily ever after?

I spent the whole evening listening to the cry of my girlfriend who just broke up with her boyfriend all because they couldn't reconcile their differences as regards whose church to wed in.
I also remember having this same argument with my cousin as regards whose church the couples should wed in. I am of the opinion that it is the groom's church while she strongly believes that the conjugal blessing should be done in the bride's church. So please let me use this medium to ask you reading this piece, whose church should couples wed in, the bride or the groom?

Back to my story, 5 years of relationship washed down the drain all because the parents of the bride insisted that the groom must marry in their family church and of cos the groom and his parents bluntly refused as they do not want to be controlled by the bride's parents and want the same wedding done in their own church. (lol they should split the hours and conduct the wedding in both churches)

I know that marrying in a church is much more than an obligation. Some see it as an opportunity to hold a celebration that is joyful and meaningful and one that can have positive impact on the rest of your married life.Some parents also see it as a thing of pride. but should any reason really over shadow the real reason of the day? Honestly the focal point of any wedding ceremony is the exchange of vows. It is believed that these vows they make is unbreakable because 'through their union with Christ they participate in the unbreakable pact between God and humanity".

I don't believe in the media hype about how marriage is more difficult now than before, to me marriage has always been a daunting task, the task did not change, but the people involved in the task has. A topic for another day.
Many couples find it hard to keep their promises. Most of us want to marry but do not believe that it lasts for a life time. The Church does not determine your happily ever after. Your happily ever after determines on you, your spouse, your God and how you handle your environment.we have seen people who their supposed church in quote has driven a wedge between the couples.

So for those of us that are single, or if i have any parent with a child old enough to marry reading this blog, Let the main thing be the main thing. Do not cloud the start of your new adventure with rules that hold no bearing on the future of your life.

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  1. Very important topic which in my opinion...shouldn't be.
    Why end a possibly blissful relationship because of 2 hours in somebody's desied location.
    I will tilt towards the church of the bride, but more importantly, towards the one with the least stress for the ceremony's attendees. And maybe the Reverend or pastor with the most positive interest in the couple's well being.