Monday, 29 June 2015

Why should i get married?

Over the weekend I had this weird discussion with some people and that was when it dawned on me that even in this generation, some of us don’t get married for the right reason(s).

There are several reasons why people get married such as

Companionship: Some of us get married because we need companions and are tired of been lonely. Most people want to grow old with someone they love, they want to have someone to talk to and share life challenges with.

Sex: Some of us get married just to satisfy our sexual desires. But what happens when your partner can no longer satisfy you sexually? Don't get me wrong I agree that sex is an important part of the equation but not the foundation.

Finance: Some get married in order to secure their future financially. Poverty is not their calling at all…but then again, life has twist and turns the person that has all the cash in the world today might lose it all tomorrow, if money was the reason then the union would be under serious attack when the money goes.

Age: Some of us go down the aisle because we feel we are up to the age. That number we have clocked is deceiving us, by us i mean me too. when this thought of age tries to creep in, I tell myself it is better to be single at 35 than married to a man who has made me a regular visitor at the orthopedic unit of the hospital because of broken bones, or married to a woman who will nag my head off with complains and insatiable materialist desires.

Peer pressure:Some are actually pressurized into getting married and at the end of the day most of them get to suffer in their marriages.

I am of the opinion that a lot of things should be put under consideration before saying YES such as;
1. Do I really love him enough to get married to him? The concept of love can not be over emphasized. What do you even understand by the four letter word called LOVE?. Do you love him enough to be able to tolerate his excesses and help him strengthen his weakness? You should ask yourself all these questions.

2.       Are we compatible? I know a couple that had issues just because they didn’t agree as to where they ought to be brushing their teeth. The wife was of the opinion that the bathroom is the proper place to do so while the man prefers the kitchen sink.  Ask yourself if you are compatible with this person you are about to spend the rest of your life with.

3.       His financial situation; well I am not of the school of thought that the man must be filthy rich but if he can comfortably take care of his family and he is someone that has the drive to make it more than he was when he met you, then you can go ahead and say Yes to him. If he has a job that can pay sufficiently. What can he do for himself if he doesn't have that job? Adam was tending the garden before God gave him Eve, so having something you are working on is a prerequisite for the guys

4. Purpose - it is a common occurrence in most relationship seminars where the audience is told to define their relationships, what is the purpose of your relationship? they are asked. Honestly I think that question is secondary. The first question should be what is the purpose of your life, the purpose of your life determines the reason of the relationship and who you go into a relationship with. Michelle Obama said " he wont be the president if he had not married me" shows you that this union worked because they both had a clear purpose of where to take the union to. So purpose to me is the key factor in the numerous reasons to marry. every other factor should be built around it. Will this man/woman help me be all I have been created to be, or will he abort it. Think carefully before you say 'I DO'...



  1. My dear marriage is an overrated institution that may well have outlived it's usefulness