Friday, 3 July 2015

SELF-MADE..... an evidence of pride

Once again I felt like I was in a world of my own, as I heard this dude say all he has accomplished over a period of time. I was with some friends and even though they all acted glued to his ramblings, I knew they were not.
It is a common practice in current times for people in a bid to tell you how hardworking they are, to tell you they are self-made. They tell you how they suffered and rose through the ranks to their present position and status. Sometimes too I am more inclined to think like them when I say I won’t ask anyone for help I will wait on God, so like Abraham I can say No one made me rich.

But pause for a moment, how no one made you rich? did people not pay for the service or product you offered, on the surface that statement can never be true, but in Abraham’s case I guess it was a figure of speech.
Back to the proud and braggadocios men/women of our time, so in your small little mind you feel no one made you who you are today, you really are starting to trip over those little zeros in your account. All great men in life, truly great men will always point to one man who gave them a chance, an opportunity to that first cheque or cash, their first platform to show what they are made of.

With my small mouth, I cut in and asked him, do you really believe you are self-made?
And he again iterates his story saying yes, I trained myself through school, and I took a bus to Lagos to start my own business.
Then I asked again, Who paid for you WASSEC? Whose house did you live in while you schooled?, whose house did you stay in when you got to Lagos? Who gave you your first link to your present customers?
Those are little things he replied.
And I told him, it is little drops of water that makes a might ocean.
Some times in life in our bid to show we have come a long way from our little beginnings, we resort to pride and vain glory, half of the time I really get pissed and I just tell myself it is the display of ignorance.
Even if no one made you along the way, what of the parents who gave birth to you?
I might sound a little biased, but I believe that comment has no place in the mouth of a really humble person, yes no one is God but God also has used men at certain points in your life to get you to where you are now, and will still use men for the next step in your life. Yes its been God's grace all through but He also made the lines fall in pleasant places by providing the people I call 'Destiny Helpers"

In summary, I think the statement 'I am a self-made man' should be replaced with no-One Man has made me who I am today. "No matter how rugged or self assured, everyone requires a cast of players - friends, mentors, lovers, critics, villains and supporters - who call, invite, seduce, goad and encourage them to finally step into their true power."

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