Saturday, 27 June 2015

Slow Down

I did not think I would have anything to write about today, but then I was so wrong. I stopped a cab and got in, told him my destination and my journey began. Barely few minutes into turning into the road this other Toyota yaris from no where crashes into this jeep and that was how my journey was stalled, for the next 25 minutes nobody agreed to move all trying to point blaming fingers at the other person and then my cab driver asked

"Where are we all in a rush to get to?"

You see, the year is just about to enter into its second half, some of us might have looked at our plans and are disappointed. 6months gone and nothing is moving, I am not anywhere near where I want to be, I had planned to have so so amount of money in my account by now, made these strides and conquered these territories but 6months now and we are still not moving forward. The worst part is that you are sure you have done the best of your ability. So your next strategy is speed up and be on the fast lane in order to achieve all that you have planned out before the end of the year.

It is sad that I am here to tell you to slow down. We all can clearly remember January 1st, I can remember what I did  from 12am till 2nd of January so clearly that it scares me but then from 2nd till today has been blurred. I have breezed through this 6months so focused on my goals and aspirations I am barely living.

We are being encouraged to multi task , get more done , make sure we produce results and all that, our bosses ,partners and families all expect certain things from us and those expectations has driven us into auto mood that we can no longer take a pause and enjoy our life. Most of us our BP’s are on a steady high level and we are not even taking proper care of our body.

I Am alive today means I have at least done something correctly and with God on my side I would still be alive to do more.  Take this next week and slow it all down, when you are eating, eat alone, don’t press your phone or watch the Tv, just be in that moment and enjoy the food, when you are with your partner be with them and let the moment mean something. Life is passing us by as we let ourselves live without memories.

Your slowing might mean you learn to delegate some of the task you are doing yourself, it might also mean to prioritize and leave some task for now, it might also mean letting go totally of things that God has killed and you are trying to resuscitate it back to life.

Slow down my dear, don’t just exist, live. Take a chill pill.

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  1. Thanks a lot darling for this relief! U know d abiriba syndrome and how the pressure dat comes with it can freak someone out... but i'm gonna slow down because God makes all things beautiful in his time