Tuesday, 28 April 2015


'Machines will replace 80 percent of doctors in a healthcare future and by future I mean in 20years time'- Vinod Khosla (Sun Microsystems co-founder)

The internet is scary I must admit, most times I use it to search out information and answers to questions that trouble me. How I wish internet was cheaper in Nigeria, I am sure I would spend my whole life there (hehehheh) just kidding.

I was scared when I stumbled upon an article online about how machines will replace Doctors in 20years so I decided to dig into what my own profession will be like in the next 20years, having spent roughly 6years already trying to become a Lawyer. My dear it’s not looking good for we humans, I mean I had planned to be a SAN be in the next 10years (sobs).
The rise in technology has placed a fresh and new demand on each and every one of us. Our careers as we know is about to be wiped out of the surface of the earth in the next 20years as it is predicted that 80% of all Current Jobs will be automated. The question is will you be left behind in the new world or will you reinvent yourself?

I will take a look at 3 careers today and will be glad to do the research for you on any career path you would want to know the predicted future in technology, just drop a comment and we would do the research and publish it.

The tools being developed by these guys are mind blowing here are a few:

1. AliveCor an iPhone heart monitor attachment. This attachment is clinically accurate according to the developers Apple. In clinical trials, AliveCor's Heart Monitor demonstrated clinical efficacy. Within seconds you are able to acquire a single-channel rate and rhythm assessment. It is also portable as you have an ECG recorder at your fingertips that goes everywhere you go.

2. LabCorp  Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings will let customers go online to pay for tests, visit a service center to get blood drawn, then view the results on the Web. The company has already been doing back-office lab work for a number of Internet firms that let people order up tests without a doctor. This means you can take your lab results and compare them with the basic readings online and have a diagnosis.

Lawyers who have long maintained that “a computer will never be able to do what a lawyer does” are on the verge of being proven wrong. 

1. Neota Logic- is among the first of what looks to be the future of automated systems in the law: an “expert application.” Neota is essentially an applied knowledge management system: it automates lawyers’ knowledge and expertise to create step-by-step processes for solving low- and medium-grade regulatory, compliance and advisory problems. Neota users log in to the system and enter the relevant data on the specific regulatory or compliance issue facing them; the system prompts them to answer a sequence of questions based on the data it’s receiving. Based on those responses and drawing from a deep collection of expert knowledge acquired from both lawyers and databases, Neota chooses the correct paths through the thicket of possible choices and arrives at the same result that an expert lawyer would have reached. No more charge and bail (covers face).

2. KIIAC systems - automates the entire contract life cycle in order to significantly reduce template creation and maintenance costs. The KIIAC system can (a) analyze any set of agreements from public sources such as EDGAR or SEDAR, law firms and corporate legal departments, (b) deconstruct those contracts into their component clauses, and (c) analyze each extract for common occurrences of words and phrases. This includes both standard and “non-standard” (i.e., unique to that contract because it was negotiated for that particular situation) language, which the system highlights by rendering each in a different color and font.
I also read Australia and New York are experimenting with online court rooms, this may likely mean no more paying lawyers per sitting


3D Printers – do you know that you can print a full house in a month? I am not kidding oh!!!!. The rise in 3D printers have created a way by which you can put in the right proportions of the materials in the machine and position it, and it would print your bedroom, living room, dinning etc.

My take on all this is like in the 1980 when it was said technology will replace all farmers, it did not really replace farmers but instead it produced a different set of farmers, the skill set to be a farmer was more of a knowledge base than a doing skill, so my advice to you is this, no matter the career you are in, in the next few years your challenge is to grow the soft skills as they call them which include  (the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, managing people, leadership) because those are the only things we are sure technology can’t take from us.


  1. Holy holy am going into entertainment industry ....they can't develop any robot to fill that gap ..
    The most shocking is lawyers job..
    Onyi u got An awesome blog

  2. Oh my oh my am going into entertainment ..no robot can do what they do ..
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  3. hahahaha thanks alot Chigo...just keep praying they don't dear. Thanks once again

  4. Hmmm. I pray it doesn't get to this stage sha. That of law is scary. Good job Oy. I'm happy you are taking the bull by its horns. X0X0

  5. Thanks alot Lucy i pray too but we should also help ourselves by getting abreast with the current trend(s)

  6. Thanks alot Lucy i pray too but we should also help ourselves by getting abreast with the current trend(s)