Monday, 14 September 2015


On 27th May, 2015 I wrote an article "Do I really want my Ex-back" since that day i have been trying to clean up some comments by some people who believe that casting spells is the best way to get your ex back or that person you love back.
I decided to put out this post because I am indeed tired of deleting such comments which keeps coming in even after how many months and secondly for everyone to know my stand as regards these amazing Spell Casters, temple powers, magicians etc that some people believe in. So let me start this way;
First I believe that there is enough space for every sheep to graze in so there is no need for over crowding. There will always be another person out there for you who will accept your flaws and help strengthen your weaknesses. It is not a Do or Die affair.

Secondly I believe in that song by Doris Day with the latin maxim titled QUE SERA SERA meaning WHAT EVER WILL BE WILL BE...(if you like use charm, one day e go clear for the person eye).

Thirdly there is always a price to pay when you alter the cause of nature. Whenever you use a mystical medium to make interventions on your behalf, you better brace yourself  for the repercussion which is inevitable.

 I understand the fact that when we are heartbroken, poor, lonely and we feel we are at the lowest points of our life, we are often forced by everything around us to use any medium possible to make things right or get back what we lost etc. The irony of this all is that most people who seek to have these dark mediums used on their behalf know little or nothing about what is been done.

I have always known that the heart of man is desperately wicked and it is so unfortunate that its even practiced with this thing called LOVE. Have you ever thought of the harm you are doing to person the spell is for? Of a truth people sometimes people wont understand  how you feel until they experience the pain...put your self in that person's shoes and if possible cast the spell on yourself first and let us know how amazing it is to be enslaved to another person because that is simply the only way i can perfectly describe this ....
'LOVE IS A VERB' and there is no joy derived in forcing one to do something forcefully. If you enslave someone all in the name of love and for your own selfish reasons, you should also get ready for that person's reactions towards you when that SPELL clears from his or her eyes because one day it will come back to hunt you. It's just cause and effect.

The real issue is this; can we really say our partner loves us when they don't have the freedom to choose? The reason its called love in the first place is because among the crowd he/she choose you,when you take away the freedom of choice you also take away the beauty of love.

Anyone capable of enslaving one just for the sake of love is WICKED and such person should stop using LOVE as an avenue to orchestrate wickedness. Sadly enough we can't identify such people by merely looking at them . So in Falz's voice i will pray that God should save us from Karashika...

 My apologies for the long break, but am back now.

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  1. It baffles me when people result to charms for Love... It makes no sense because it contradicts the true essence of love in itself.
    Beautiful Post

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