Thursday, 9 July 2015


Last week a friend of mine told me that he is looking for a good girl to marry and I pretended like I didn't hear him. I kept on discussing other topics and he patiently waited for me to land or rather to stop fooling around. Back to my own topic he said 'OY I need a good girl and I have been seeing all those girls you use as display picture, please connect me to one that is good'
I kept quiet for like 3 minutes and I asked him ,please what do you mean by a good girl, in fact what's your definition of a good girl'?

He started listing all the qualities the good girl ought to have. According to him, he needs a girl that isn't vain, she should be respectful, domesticated, God fearing, good character, tall, beautiful, must know how to speak well, a good listener and above all must be chaste (na so i tear laugh finally).
I was tired of listening to him and I had to ask 'abeg all these your good girl qualities wey you dey list self, the ones wey YOU spoil, who you leave them for'?....(mtcheeeewww)

You do not want someone that is vain in the sense that if she sees hair or shoe that she likes, she will turn to a blind bat and let it go but you on the other hand will spend the same amount or more drinking, clubbing or indulging in your own vanity. If you ask me, using the word 'vain' is so not appropriate in our quest in finding the good one. Instead why don't you look out for the following:

1. A girl that is prudent: this personality is marked by wisdom and is shown in the management of resources.
2. God fearing: this aspect I can not over emphasize. As it is written, the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and that is very important.
3. A girl that is witty to come back to, make you relax after a hard day's work.
4. A girl who is domesticated has good manners, is polite and helpful. Everyman needs a help mate, someone that will help you achieve your goals and likewise you help her achieve hers.

5. You need to look out for someone who you are compatible with. Someone who's shortcomings you will be able to live with or rather who you will strengthen her weaknesses whilst she does same for yours. So that you two will be capable of existing together in harmony
6.  A girl who will understand you. Someone willing to understand you and forgive your
7. Finally one man's meat is another man's poison. Those ones you have tagged 'bad' have that their perfect match who will cherish them for their experience.

Finally to all the girls out there I leave you with this last ad

photocredit: trulyafakari,, Aisha


  1. Tall , beautiful, good looking all this a and that better get clay and make her yourself ...marriage is all about tolerance ain't no perfect wife or husband ...
    That is life as it is be the good you desire ...
    Nice one Oyi