Friday, 19 June 2015

So Westlife Lied

I'm gonna take this moment

And make it last forever

I'm gonna give my heart away

And pray we'll stay together

'Cause you're the one good reason

You're the only girl that I need

'Cause you're more beautiful than I have ever seen

I'm gonna take this night

And make it evergreen

This is one of those songs that we all played growing up, thinking and hoping we find that love that is ever green.

Wake up my dear from that dream, because it only happens in Telemundo and Zee World. Infact they even go through a lot self to get that Happy ending.

Love is a weird concept that sometimes even I struggle to grasp. It is one of those words that there is a lot of confusion about its basic meaning, come to think of it, when it is going so well it is called love.  I am so in love with her that is why I bought her a house, that is why I quit my Job for him and also when it going all bad it is called love, I love you that is why I am staying with you even though you can’t give me a child, the long spectrum that love covers sometimes is so unbelievable.

Which is it, is it staying with your partner in the high times or is it staying with your partner in the low times (my friend will call it trying times). As I said to define love is an attempt to define God, no wonder the bible said God is Love.

The issue with romantic songs is that they build up love to be something you can capture, maintain and ignite at self-will, but we all know it is a big lie, in the song above the band West Life said they will make the love evergreen, HOW?

Whatever definition of love you have, I will simply say there are two parts of love, love the feeling and love the action, both are needed in your relationship and most times one is enough. If all you have is love the feeling, sooner or later your song will change to Toni Braxton Un-break my heart (lol).

Love will never be evergreen, from my little opinion sha, there are times love the feeling deserts you and you stay with love the action, and in those times that you stay with love the action, in all honesty you are not evergreen you are just holding on. but that is the tricky thing about love, love the action will always bring love the feeling with it, if you stay long enough with it.

So did WestLife really lie? do we lie at our wedding vows when we say I will always feel this way about you?

Yes you Did.

But then Love is not just the feeling, it is also the action, and when the feeling goes that is when the Action steps in.

So switch your song to Westlife's - More than words


  1. I was a speaker at a seminar about relationships, I told my audience that love was mysterious and some of them during the interactive session started arguing with all their power that Love is understandable.. I just asked them simply What is Love? Most of them had different definitions. I allowed their various answers to settle for a while, then I said LOVE IS GOD, HE IS MYSTERIOUS. Love is life itself..

  2. Damn ...... Oyi .....u mean getting an evergreen love these days is just mere fairy tale .....

  3. Yeah love is mysterious, the media has successfully reduced love to a feeling, we all need to be reminded from time to time it is not just a feeling, it is more than that.

  4. The legal blogger... Your blog is awesome.. All your updates and posts are Deep... Deep words that comes with sober reflection.. Keep blessing us... May your ink never run dry..