Thursday, 11 June 2015

Phone Battery Myths

It is clear that with the rise in demands placed on phones, battery life is becoming of paramount importance, and not to talk of the poor light situation in my country. Last two weeks a lady died because she was electrocuted by her power bank and this sad event has caused me to do a little research on the popular batter myths and the ones you should apply for longer batter life.

1. Over charging your phone is bad ( true/false)
Most people will plug there phones and sleep up leading to the phone still charging one hour or more after it is full. Research shows that even though most smart phones are smart meaning they can tell you when to stop charging the phone because the battery id full, most are not efficient enough to withstand the extra heat which is not good for your phone and battery. So it is TRUE that overcharging your phone will kill your battery probably for over heating.

2. Charger is Charger(true or false)
Different chargers are made for different purposes, and are built for different purposes, using a multi purpose charger is not a good idea for your phone because they are built to allow a non specific range of power to your device, and also most are prone to power surge due to low material used in manufacturing. Unless it is very necessary please avoid universal chargers.  So it is FALSE that charger is charger (follow come dey, different from chinco).

3. Whats app Kills my battery
Most people are complaining of the multiple groups they find them selves on social network, and the common thinking is that it is killing your battery. A whats-app chat does not take more battery than your Facebook chat, BBM or any app on your phone that is accessing your network, the extra battery usage is if it is on vibration, or you now go ahead to reply the chats so your screen light is on. Asides that , extra messages do not drain your battery faster. So it is false that whats-app drains your battery more. If you want to save battery off your data SIMPLE.

4. Batteries function better between 40% - 80%
There are two schools of thought on this myth, but they all agree that charging a battery to full capacity might not be very good for some long scientific reasons. So the best option is to carry your charger around, but the risk in it is that some believe that a battery has a limited number of charges built into it, some say it is between 1500 - 2500 charges. Now the million dollar question is this, which is better a full 100% charge or charge for 80% then another 20% later? With 100% charge you get to manage it till it runs out, therefore reducing the number of charges, but to charge 80% and another 20% later in the day means you get to charge more. (Abeg i need another school of thought on this one ooooo).

5. Using your phone while charging will spoil it
Using your phone while charging will not spoil your battery but it will surly make the charging process longer which in turn might lead to over heating depending on what you are doing on the phone.Again this depends on what you do with the phone as it charges. So it is PARTIALLY TRUE that using your phone while its charging will spoil it.

6. Do not charge your phone with generator
This is very difficult in my country, but then the reason is simple, most Generators fluctuate and those fluctuations can affect both the phone and the battery negatively. So it is better to avoid it but if you must, use the original charger for the phone as this can help cushion the damage. Cars also run on alternating current which also fluctuates a lot so also avoid car chargers they are not good for your batteries. Though this myth is TRUE but that's none of our business in this country (sips tea like Kermit)

7. Task manager don't work
The purpose of having a task manager app on your device is to help you run your phone efficiently, in the sense that when you leave various apps open it quickly helps shut them down to help save power. So Yes Task manager works, but it if it is not a good one then SORRY is your middle name.

As you can see I am not a geek , but I have tried to explain these myths in a layman's way so that people will take proper care of their phones. Spending a leg and a foot to buy a phone and then spoiling it because of ignorance is bad.
Feel free to add more myths to the comment section.


  1. Hi Oy talking about phones, is it good to check your partner's phones once in a while? Thanks waiting for your response.

    1. I am not Oy, but I guess I am free to reply, it is not good to check on your partner's phone, but it is good for you to have access to your partner's phone, the word check makes it look like you have a reason to be going through his phone, which might signify lack of trust. But then you should have access to your partner's phone what you do with that access is what determines if its good or not.

  2. Oyi u did a comprehensive research here but u know not charging with generator ain't gonna work even for buhari's son .... U know what I mean

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