Saturday, 13 June 2015

"People Always Leave"

It took me time to realize what Peyton meant by that statement in the movie One Tree Hill, but the truth is that any how you choose to look at it, People Always Leave. Everyone must not be in your life and if you ask me I will advice you let them leave when they choose to. People can be likened to seasons and just like each season comes and goes, so do people come and leave your life.

Why Do People Always Leave?

1. Lack of appreciation
    Real friends appreciate one another, the efforts made by their partner. Lack of the other party to show appreciation  makes the thing called friendship boring and when the person showing all these appreciation becomes tired of the whole situation, he or she will be left with no option than to leave.

2. Lack of trust and loyalty
    Trust is very hard to gain and so easy to loose. In a real friendship, support and loyalty must be reciprocal. As humans we all have feelings and it hurts when the person you cherish so much, call your friend, or want to spend the rest of your life with is neither loyal nor trustworthy. In this scenario the person hurting will have no option than to leave. Lady Gaga once said 'Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack in the person's reflection" .

3. We expect too much from people
    As humans we expect a lot from people, we expect them to be at our beck and call, cater for us, do whatever we want and the sad part is that most people do not do anything in return. They are always at the receiving end. Even the greatest fool will someday come back to his or her senses and will be left with no option than to stop showing all these kindness. What else is left of the expectant person than just to leave and find another servant.

4. Too much Pain.
    Nobody loves to be in pain. There are lots of divorce cases in court and when you carefully look at the facts of the case you will see such much pain in black and white. When the 80% of what makes up friendship is filled with so much pain and agony, the first to be broken will definitely leave. It is so hard to forget pain as we do not have scar to show for happiness but I will advise anyone that leaves because of this reason to turn his or her wounds into wisdom.

5. No satisfaction
    Recently a court in Lagos dissolved a nine years old marriage over husband's ability to satisfy his wife ( Now there should be some level of satisfaction in every friendship and when that hunger cannot be satisfied, the unsatisfied party will be left with no choice than to leave. It takes a satisfied customer nothing to help advertise your product; without that sense of satisfaction they will never patronize you again.

6. Fear of the unknown
    This is the one reason why friends who are in love with each other will end up parting ways. Most people leave because they do not know how the other person will react when they pour their hearts out. To me this is the most silly reason to leave, try and let it be that you were rejected and only then will you be able to leave freely.

There maybe many other reason why people leave a relationship,union or community, but the major reason for my blog today is to make you have the resilience to move on if they do, the same God that brought them your way, i am sure is working behind the scene to fill the void, either he fills it with someone else or like the prodigal son He brings them back to you.

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